aluminium FLEXIBLE COUPLINGS for ball screw shaft diameter 9mm 8mm 10mm

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Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Aluminium, Chrome steel/AISL 52100/DIN100Cr6/JISSUJ2
Standard or Nonstandard:
Metal Bellows
Flexible or Rigid:
Applicable Industries:
Hotels, Garment Shops, Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Restaurant, Home Use, Retail, Food Shop, Printing Shops, Construction works, Energy & Mining, Food & Beverage Shops, Advertising Company
Long operating life
Process type;:
High lead accuracy to C3 and C5 standards
Production Capacity::
1000 units/month
According to the requirements
CNC, Mining, Machinery, Conveyors, Speed transmissions
Manufacturing Process:
Rolled Thread

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Single item
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10X5X5 cm
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Coupler PVC Tubing 8*10mm 5006K65 both side inner diameter

Coupling size 8*10mm/8*8mm/10*12mm

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1 : Deep groove ball bearing

Deep groove ball bearing is one of the most common types of rolling bearing.Basic deep groove ball bearing consists of an outer ring, an inner ring, a set of steel ball and a set of cage.

Deep groove ball bearing type has a single row and double row two kinds, deep groove ball structure is sealed and open two kinds of structure, open without sealing structure refers to the bearing, seal type deep groove ball into dust seal and oil seal.

3D printer main bearing : 608zz.685zz.695zz.686zz.684zz.687zz.623zz.694zz.MR115zz

2. Flange ball bearing

Flange bearing main use: Flange bearing from printers, fax machines to monitor, in the household goods used in daily life has a flange bearing products show the space of technology. In the size and accuracy requirement of the standard ABEC – level 1, the production of bearings, can satisfy the general use of products.

The advantages of the flange bearing: Ocean shipping with flange series of products, make the axial positioning easier; No longer need to bearing, become more economical. In order to get the bearing low friction torque, high rigidity, good rotation accuracy, use the small diameter of steel ball. The use of hollow shaft, ensure the lightweight and wiring of the space.

Flange bearing features: In ultra small aperture in the miniature bearing, can be divided into ZZ steel bearing dust cover series, RS rubber bearing sealing ring series, the series of Plastic bearing sealing ring, flange series, stainless steel series, ceramic ball series, etc. Miniature ball bearings has extensive USES. Suitable for high speed rotation, low friction torque .

3.Trapezoidal screw on the spot

8mm lead 1 trapezoidal screw diameter8mm lead 2 trapezoidal screw diameter8mm lead 4 double-headed screw diameter8mm lead four head screw diameter10mm lead two trapezoidal screw diameterDiameter of 10mm lead 20Six head screw 12mm lead 3 trapezoidal screw diameter

4. Linear bearing with shaft

Product informationName: 3 d printers dedicated linear shaft (optical axis)Material: bearing steelProduct featuresThe movement of the machine of X Y Z axis are used linear optical axis, linear optical axis of the circular degree straightness is decided to the accuracy of the printer.We used the linear optical axis, each circular degree are controlled within 10 silk, each root axis through straightening processing, keep within 2 wire system, hardness are above 60, after chamfering processing.Such optical axis of a long enough time not deformation, long service life, high precision control.

Linear bearing series (Europe), material: shell for bearing steel (GCr15) specification is LME8UU LME12UU LME16UU LME20UU LME25UU LME30UU LME40UU LME50UU LME60UU

Extended linear bearing material: shell for bearing steel (GCr15) specification is LM5LUU LM6LUU LM8LUU LM10LUU LM12LUU LM13LUU LM16LUU LM20LUU LM25LUU LM30LUU LM35LUU LM40LUU LM50LUU

Round flange linear bearing material: shell for bearing steel (GCr15) specification is LMF6UU LMF8UU LMF10UU LMF12UU LMF13UU LMF16UU LMF20UU LMF25UU LMF30UU LMF35UU LMF40UU LMF50UU LMF60UU

Method random linear bearing material: shell for bearing steel (GCr15) specification is LMK6UU LMK8UU LMK10UU LMK12UU LMK13UU LMK16UU LMK20UU LMK25UU LMK30UU LMK35UU LMK40UU LMK50UU LMK60UU

Extended round flange linear bearing material: shell for bearing steel (GCr15) specification is LMF6LUU LMF8LUU LMF10LUU LMF12LUU LMF13LUU LMF16LUU LMF20LUU LMF25LUU LMF30LUU LMF35LUU LMF40LUU LMF50LUU

Add rectangular flange linear bearing material: shell for bearing steel (GCr15) specification is LMK6LU LMK8LUU LMK10LUU LMK12LUU LMK13LUU LMK16LUU LMK20LUU LMK25LUU LMK30LUU LMK35LUU LMK40LUU LMK50LUU LMK60LUU


Shaft with linear bearing , ball sarew with nut and linear bearing with block

5.Coupling Features:

1. Simple structure, inspection, installation is convenient;2. Both ends fixed end of hard aluminum alloy, the middle for polyurethane elastomer, compact connection without clearance3. Oil resistance and electrical insulation;4. Exactly the same clockwise and anticlockwise rotation characteristics;5. Can absorb vibration, compensation Angle to the radial, and axial deviation;6. Hold or stop screw fixed connection, can according to customer demand for machining keyway.Metric or inch size of aperture.

Three kinds of coupling


Synchronous wheel is usually called a pulley.Synchronous wheel drive is from the inside of a surface with the spacing ring belt and have appropriate tooth of pulley, runtime, toothed with pulleys tooth meshing transfer movement and power, it is a combination of merits of a belt drive, chain transmission gear drive the new belt transmission.Synchronous wheel specifications:(1) trapezoidal tooth(2) T synchronous belt wheel(3) HTD (STD) synchronous belt wheelSynchronous wheel transmission features:(1) transmission accurately, non-slip at work, have a constant velocity ratio;(2) is stable and has a buffer and damping capacity, low noise;(3) the high transmission efficiency, can reach 0.98, energy-saving effect is obvious;(4) maintenance convenience, without lubrication, low maintenance cost;(5) the large range of speed ratio, generally can be up to 10, linear velocity can reach 50 m/s, has great power transmission range, can reach several to several hundred thousand watts;(6) can be used in long distance transmission center distance can reach more than 10 m.(7) no pollution, there is no pollution and can work in environment is relatively bad places

Pulley(whight and black) and belt


Product parameters:Nozzle diameter: 0.3 MM to 0.35 MM to 0.4 MM to 0.5 MM (please models need to inform customer service)Into the material mouth diameter: 1.75 MM 3 MM diameter of ABS and PLA material (please models need to inform customer service)Don’t plugBuilt-in high temperature Plastic, condensed with plastic material after entering SongLiaoKou direct vent, unable to stop in the middle.Good heat dissipation effectExternal expensive imported PEEK materials, high temperature deformation, heat dissipation design, unique design of ventilation fast cooling of course fast!

LED Control panel

8.Heatbed/hotbed and hotend extruder

Connection: 12 v 1 a line, another thread after 2, 3, at the same time.By this time the amount of two wires resistance value is 1.0 ~ 1.2 Ω, real power is 144 w.24 v connection: a line 2, another thread after 3 (1 dangling don’t pick up), two lines of resistance value is 4.0 Ω, actual power for 24 * 24/4 = 144 w.The new circuit, whether meet the 12 v or 24 v, the power is stable in 144 w.Tested, 144 w can make hot bed temperature of 130 °, and fully meet user requirements.

Features:1, 12 v power supply 24 are compatible.2, double panel, the other side without wiring, uniform heating, printing effect smooth.Regardless of is negative 3, wiring, wiring at will.

Test report:Pick up the 12 vCurrent is 9.8 A, as the temperature increases, the current dropped to 8.8 A (as the temperature rises, the little knowledge of the physics: resistance)After 24 vThe theory of maximum current is less than 5A

Heatbed reprap Mendel

9.Sleeve bushing/spacer

Copper sleeve Is on the high strength of brass substrate, enchase a high-performance solid lubrication graphite or MoS2 solid lubricant products. It broke through the general bearing on the limitations of the oil film lubrication. In use process, through the friction heat make solid lubricant and shaft friction, the excellent conditions of forming, powder and oil lubrication, both to protect shaft wear and tear, and the solid lubrication characteristics of eternity. It is twice as tall as general copper sleeve, wear-resisting performance is twice as high.

With graphite copper sleeve

Oil impregnated sintered brass bushings

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