Nylon Flexible Coupling

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Place of Origin:
South Korea
Brand Name:
PCT coupling
Standard or Nonstandard:
Flexible or Rigid:

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We believe that the most important thing of all is to be the best in the field and area that we belong to. That is the way we "PTC" put our most efforts to learn every possible advanced technology. PTC has proudly manfactured and distributed Power Transmission Components since 1989.PTC’s products are manufactured in a modern plant equipped with all necessary design,development and production facilities, PTC factory operates under the total quality assurance according to ISO9001 standard.Our objectives have always been to deliver World-Class Power Transmission Couplings and we proude ourselves in offering not only product but the craftsmanship as it is.

Product Types:

1. Mechanical Parts.

Mechanical Parts:Nylon Flexible Coupling


1. It always transmits the powrr fully (100%) undr parallel, angular, complex misalignment with flexibility.2. With angular and parallel displacements the reactive forces may be neglected, thanks to the twin cardanicmethod of operation, and there, are no periodic fluctuations in angular velocty.3. Internals have longer life by using special materials.4. Assembly is extremely simple and time saving, it issimple to mend and exchange parts.5. Not Require lubrication.6. Low noise.7. Oil and heat resistance.


Structure Gear Flexible or Rigid Flexible Standard or Nonstandard Standard Place of Origin South Korea Brand Name PCT coupling